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When I was younger, my bedroom walls were covered with Absolut vodka advertisements of the varying bottle silhouettes which I had torn out of magazines. I loved the simple iterations on a consistent design.

With the explosion of the internet I began collecting images online. In 2008, I launched coletrickle as a digital mood board to showcase the endless library of pictures that overtime I had right-clicked and selected “Save Image As."  Then Pinterest came along and everyone had a mood (board). 

Overtime coletrickle evolved to become a moniker for a lifestyle brand with numerous pursuits including music (DJ), photography and a curated weekly newsletter on life (issue archive).

Based in London, the brand is operated and curated by Clark Winter. 

  • The perfectly curated mix of images, music and personalities with a dash of news. Coletrickle is the interesting, well traveled and super hot stranger at a dinner party you want to sit next to.
    — MB, San Francisco
  • Coffee + 'Look, Listen, Learn, Like' makes for a great morning routine
    — Peter, Jackson Hole
  • Your daily dose of escapism. Coletrickle hits all of your senses and transports you to a different place every day. Just a quick trip, but you linger, lusting for more.
    — LB, London
  • The five second cheat sheet to whats good right now
    — Doug, Brooklyn